Braised Short Ribs Persillade with Mashed Potatoes

Braised short ribs

The art of braising is one that requires plenty of patience, a good heavy pot and an oven or stove top. Once you have assembled these 3 components, you can begin the creative processes necessary to make this dish and to become an expert braiser.

Short ribs come in 2 different cuts, flanken (long and skinny) and English style (long and thick). The flanken style are a 3 boned style of rib that finds it uses in the cuisines of Asia and the Pacific Islands. Kalbi ribs or Maui ribs are two variations using this type of cut and hold up well to grilling while English style work best for braising and are the ones we will be using for this recipe.

This dish takes a bit of time (mostly just waiting for the cooking process to be completed) to make, but it is one that is simple in ingredients, simple on flavors and simply delicious. Hints of red wine, if you so choose to use it, garlic, parsley and caramelized onions are what to expect. The garlic and parsley components of this dish make up the persillade, what I’m going to discuss next.

Persillade is a (equal) mixture of garlic and parsley (persil is parsley in French) and like it’s cousin gremolata, is usually used as a garnish. There are a few recipes out there that state you should cook (ever so slightly) or heat the mixture to take some of the heat off of the garlic…which is rubbish. Do not ever heat persillade prior to its use. If you are looking for a way to take some of the edge off of the garlic try sprinkling a bit of sea salt on the garlic once you have minced it. This will not only enhance the flavor, but will also start to preserve or pickle the garlic, removing some of the edge that raw garlic has.

You’ll braise this dish for over 2 hours, so there are a couple of items that you will need in order to insure success with this dish.

  • A heavy braising pot. I use a Le Cruset oven much like this one.
  • A good set of tongs, like these. I use these tongs in my cooking classes with much success.
  • A good ladle, like this one.

You can choose to make this dish either with boiled/roasted potatoes or mashed potatoes. If you choose to make mashed potatoes, your need either a hand potato masher, a ricer or a stand mixer to make them properly.

If your ready to make these incredably tasty ribs, you’ll need the recipes.



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