whew, where has the time gone….

well, what seems like a couple of weeks away from blogging has now been a few months, and I again ask myself where has the time gone…

I certainly know the answer to that, as I write this from deep within the kitchen of a flip of sorts. Friends bought a pub, chefRob comes in and updates the menu, cleans and trains the staff in 3 weeks then its off to the next project. fun, yes and a great way to spend 3 weeks in fall before I lose track of time yet again.

So…an update will be forthcoming on the “next” project, its theme and where in this world it will take me. But for now, I am finishing up the menu @ Penny Lane in San Marcos and cannot wait for the launch party! I do not think that San Marcos knows what is gonna hit ’em, and it will hit ’em hard.

Photo op day is tomorrow, so keep an eye out here, on facebook and twitter for the l8est and greatest from North County San Diego…


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