Consulting – New Menu @ Penny Lane…

Quiet doesn’t mean a thing…

So, while I have been working on the latest and greatest project that is rolling out before Meekong, I got a call from Pete Zacarias of Jade Theater fame asking me if I could help him redo the menu @ his l8est venture, the landmark Penny Lane in San Marcos.

Now a month in, or thereabouts we are getting ready for the unveiling of the new menu, some heavy changes to the interior of the pub and some new faces around ol’ San Marcos blvd. Excitement is running high and as we get closer to the launch everyone here is on a razor’s edge ( and not because I am yelling).

Please follow Penny Lane on facebook and twitter @PennyLanePubSd and if you are around NorCo San Diego…stop by and say hi!


Becks n Posh Burger

Becks n Posh Burger

Smoked Pork Sandwich

Smoked Pork Sandwich


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