The sliver car and the girl in black

Its not so exciting as it seems to be. I was having a tank 7 with Denis and all I could look at was a parked sliver car and a girl working in the Style Lab. My brain offically turned off all I was doing was staring off into space, broken up by Denis and I chit chatting about work and life here. A warm and humid afternoon, it had jsut finished raining.

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Chef Rob’s first 2 weeks in China

Well ni hao from Guangzhou! For those who didn’t know that I moved here 2 weeks ago…now you do :)

The project is the largest one I have ever taken on, and its what drew me across the pacific. With the title of Executive chef, western kitchens at the Garden Hotel comes a lot of responsibility, which is the following (in a nutshell);

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ChefRob on KPRI FM (San Diego)

With the launch of Inland Tavern I am starting to find some time to get back to life, and the blog :).

I reciently was graciously hosted by David Boylan of Lick the Plate. KPRI was what I listened to as a kid while surfing Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach and the endless days womping at Marine Street so to say it was a blast is an understatement.

The interview was cut into 5 sections, all of which I will post here beginning with the first episode.


Updates from the other side…


It seems like forever since I have had the time to post anything insightful, humorous or informational but I have found 5 minutes to throw out an update on what the hell is going on, what’s coming up and where the hell I have been…

You may or may not know that I am back at the Porto Vista/Glass Door. Seems that in my time (years) away there was a parade of people, some good some not so good who were in charge of the restaurant. Over that time and with the last crew in here the place was in decline. Service was a joke, menu was not far behind, guests walking out and a kindergarten mindset had beset the staff that was best suited for digging out Lassie’s gifts to that sandbox.

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La Jolla Photography Show 27 April 2013

Chef Rob Conaway Photo Show La Jolla California

So I might do other things besides cooking…

I have been invited by Photographer Michael Huff to show some of my images from Dubai at the La Jolla Art Association gallery in La Jolla Shores from 21 April to 5 May 2013, with an artist reception (including beer and food) with live music on 27 April.

There are three other very talented artists I have the pleasure of showing with so please take this as an invitation to attend the artists reception…the more the merrier right?

Hope to see you all there!

For a bit more information please go here…


Bacon Chutney Recipe – or my addiction to fat bellies.


Bacon….yes bacon. The one meat that once was relinquished to Sunday morning breakfasts and egg sandwiches has, over the past couple of years been reinvented.

Well, maybe reinvented is the wrong choice of words, perhaps re-imagined or re-awakened would be a better choice. In any event, bacon on this side of the pond is what truffles and foie gras were to the EDE (elite dining establishment) a decade or so ago.

Lardons, chutneys, jams, candied or jalapeno the bacon creep is ever present. Once we were concerned that pig DNA was being pumped into tomatoes. Now, its all about bacon…bacon, bacon, bacon! Pork belly slabs and jam spreads, breakfast shots, bacon ice cream to bacon florentines there is no getting away from this all-American breakfast meat that is taking over menus at the speed of a totalitarian state. A bacon blitzkrieg some would say is a blitzkrieg that you will not win. Become one with the collective and be a good citizen…buy bacon now, buy buy buy…

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Fixing a Kitchenaid Mixer Bowl Lift Assembly (Heavy Duty)

Fixing a Kitcheniad Mixer Bowl Lift Assembly (Heavy Duty)

Fixing a Kitcheniad Mixer Bowl Lift Assembly (Heavy Duty)

Yes…they do break. Every professional and aspiring chef has one or has this on their Amazon wish list, the life-would-come-to-an-end-if-I-had-to-whip-cream-by-hand stand mixer. Much like Ferrari and Porsche are synonymous with sports cars, Kitchenaid mixers are synonymous with the kitchen. While mostly white in color, the company now have a plethora of trendy and in the moment colors for those attracted to all things shiny.

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Penny Lane update – Brunch and Desserts

Well, seems like January just few by and now here we are in the beginning of February. Last month was a busy one, with us severing ties with our cdc and me returning to train the staff to run things on their own.

Now that all of the dust has settled was can start to move on our brunch and dessert menu’s. Test baking of the desserts will be tomorrow (Sat) with the brunch menu following next week. In between there will be some gorilla marketing to our neighbors and reach out to fellow North County food bloggers prior to the festive (and I am sure somewhat un-) controlled grand opening party in the coming weeks.

Catch ya’all on the flip side and keep your eyes peeled here for more in formation conserning the above.

Ciao from deep within the Penny Lane kitchen…


Happy New Year…!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Penny Lane menu is now live…

It is with great excitement that I can say the new Penny Lane menu is now live!

We are still restructuring the kitchen and with continued training and equipment replacement Penny Lane will be in the best shape in its 18 year history moving forward and a great addition to the Restaurant Row area of San Marcos.

Click the links below for the pdf’s of the new menu and we hope to see you here soon.

Penny Lane Menu Front   Penny Lane Menu Back

for Pete's Sake Burger


my go to books…